Deep​-​Sea Dweller

by Neptune

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Dedicated to my Aunt Jane

Three years in the making, this album is the beginning of a huge milestone in my life. Knowing practically nothing about music or recording at the time, it's amazing how good these tracks came out. It is really a testament to using your ears to know what is good and what is not. A huge thanks also to Julia Spohn (a.k.a. Songbird) whose lyrics made this project shine. It would not have turned out nearly as good as it did without her help.


released October 25, 2013

Music and tracks by Neptune
Lyrics and music by Songbird



all rights reserved


Neptune Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Below The Surface
There’s this place I know, way out past the shore
And I you should go find out what it’s for
If you have any doubts, throw them out of your mind
Cus it’s below the surface, but we’ll be just fine

Take my hand, move off of the sand
Forget your subconscious, and go
Below the surface

Wild and wide, there’s no need to hide
Your worries are worthless here
Below the surface

The light collects, no time to reflect
Your thoughts serve no purpose here
Below the surface

Swim with me, head into the sea
Oh, don’t look so nervous, let’s go
Below the surface

There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide
Put your feelings away, put your heart aside
Don’t be scared to be free, don’t be afraid to be blind
Below the surface, we’ll be just fine

Let your thoughts run wild, let your mind run free
Cus there’s so much to do, and there’s so much to see
Yeah it’s a little bit dark, but there’s no need to be nervous
Put your trust me and let’s go below the surface
Track Name: Liquid Water Volcanoes
The thought of you makes me tremble
It’s like I feel you in my veins
And every night as I lay down
I can’t help but call your name

So come to me
Even if it’s just a dream
Just come to me
Help me build this dream

Falling backwards in slow motion
Crashing softly in the ocean
Liquid water volcanoes
When you’re with me they explode

They explode
Track Name: Shortwave
Stars break from beneath the clouds
Tell me where I am right now
Tell me where I need to be
Show me how to escape these seas

Waters moving up and down
Crashes that don’t make a sound
Stranded on a sea of dreams
Tumbling into endless streams

Always bringing the night with me
Tossing the light out to sea
Never, oh, nevermore
Watching waves break on the shore


Like broken waves, I drift, I flow
Into the sand, nothing to show
Repeat again, constantly
Let the moonlight guide me

On the sea, tossed to and fro
Where am I now? Where do I go?
Caught up again between the tides
Icy waters, colder nights

All the lights on the shore
Call to me, call out for more
Far away, lost at sea
Bring the light down far with me

Never, oh, nevermore
Watching waves break on the shore
Never, oh, nevermore
Watching waves break on the shore

Always bringing the night with me
Tossing the light out to sea
Track Name: Deep-Sea Dweller
Darling, distant

Dreamscape turning

Darkest waters

Constant churning

Twisted, wasted

Sinking, swimming

Deep-sea dweller

Always hiding

Just how far down

Can you swim now?

Oh, so far down

Out of breathe now

Just how far down

Can you sink now?

Oh, so far down

Out of air now

Deep-sea dweller

You’re always out of my reach

Deep-sea dweller

You’re always out of my reach

Deep-sea dweller

You’re always out of my reach

Deep-sea dweller

Come surface, come find me
Track Name: Aquanaut
Is this, is this a dream?
‘Cause I thought I couldn’t sleep

Are you here, here with me?
‘Cause I was sure this was all a dream

All a dream

Sleeping sand, carry me
Across the land, into the sea

Broken lines, impurities
Sacred as infinity


I’m weightless here, won’t you follow me?
My own breath slowly leaves as if to flee

Magnetize, then set me free
Polar coasts, crushing me

Crushing me

Space apart, heavenly
Wondrous as the galaxy

No place on earth could ever be
As wicked and holy as the sea

Holy as the sea
As the sea